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Renting A Car? Know Your Fuel Return Policies

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Whenever you are thinking of hiring a car for use maybe on a weekend, a trip, or any other similar purpose, there are various things that will come into play. These things, such as type of car or cost will help you decide on which car hire company to rent the vehicle from. What most people tend to neglect, however, are the fuel return policies offered by the car hire companies. These policies are very crucial because they can make the difference on the total amount you will pay for the car. For this reason, these are the major fuel return policies you need to know about first when hiring a car.

Free Tank Policy

This is probably the cheapest option of all the fuel return policies. With this policy, you pick up the car when the fuel tank is full. When you have used the car for what you needed, you can drop it of when the tank has any amount of fuel. Usually, everything will be included in your rental fee. If you find the rental fee favourable, then this policy is ideal. Unfortunately, such fuel return policies are rare.

Full To Empty Policy

With this policy, the fuel tank of the car will be full when you pick it up. You then have to use as much of the fuel as you can and return the car when the tank is as empty as possible. A full to empty policy is a good idea if you plan to do a lot of driving. If you are only spending your weekend at a single place for instance, you may not get the full advantage of this policy. This is because when you return the car, you will not be refunded for any amount of fuel remaining in the tank. It is also impractical to return a car with completely empty fuel. Besides running a car on empty fuel being risky (you can damage the engine), you may have to call for a tow service in case the car stops on the way. A fuel to empty policy is ideal if you feel you may not have the time to pass by a petrol station when returning the car.

Full To Full Policy

This would be a better alternative to the full to empty policy because you actually pay for the amount of fuel you use. You pick up the car with a full tank and drop it off with a full tank. Even if the tank was partly full, you will only need to refill it to the initial amount.

Understanding the fuel policies is very essential because it can save you a significant amount of money regardless of the price of the car.

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