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How to Choose a Used Caravan for Sale

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A used caravan is a great choice for any individual or family who wants an affordable way to spend a holiday and an easy way to find accommodations when on holiday, since you literally bring your hotel room with you when you travel! A used caravan can often have many years of life left to it, but you still want to ensure you take the time to shop around and find the perfect model for your needs. Note a few quick considerations so you know what to look for before you buy.

Name brands

Check the brand names of any potential used caravan purchase, and only buy one with a popular name. This is for two reasons; one is that a name brand model is often more reliable, as a popular brand typically gets that way by proving its quality over the years. A popular brand also has a reputation they want to protect, so they're more likely to build durable caravans that last.

The second reason to buy a popular brand of caravan is that you may be more likely to find replacement parts. An off-brand caravan may have oddly sized hoses and tanks that aren't compatible with generic parts on the market, and if the company should go out of business, you may not be able to find those replacement parts at all.

Check the hoses

Speaking of hoses, those are one of the first things you want to check when shopping around for a used caravan. If the hoses are brittle, split or cracked, this can often mean that the caravan was not well-maintained over the years and may have been stored outside without proper covering. This can be indicative of potential water damage inside the caravan, rust along the body or frame and other such damage.

Check the smell

You may assume that a musty or mouldy smell is to be expected in a used caravan, but this isn't the case. These odours often mean that the hoses and tanks were not cleaned out properly over the years or that the carpeting is holding mould. A properly cleaned and maintained caravan should never have these odours.

Try to pinpoint the location of the smell and this can tell you about any potential fixes; if it's coming from the floor, you'll need to rip up the carpeting and replace it. If the smell is from the bathroom or kitchen sink, you may need to replace water hoses and the water tanks as well; keep these potential costs in mind when making your purchasing decision.

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