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Caravan Storage Solutions Made From Things Lying Around the House

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Finding enough room in your caravan to store your extra gear can be challenging, but luckily, it's not impossible. There are actually a surprising number of ways you can increase the storage in your caravan, and you don't have to spend a lot of money. In many cases, you may have the storage solutions you need around your home. Check out these ideas:

1. Roof and Tow Straps

Just because you're not in a conventional house doesn't mean you cannot take advantage of "attic" storage. Ideally, if you want to maximise the space in your caravan, you should store items on the roof. While a hard-sided luggage holder or a rack made specifically for surfboards or kayaks can be super effective, you don't need either of those things.

Instead, you can pop what you want directly on the roof and use some ratcheting tow straps to hold them tight. If you don't have two straps, they can be found at most hardware or vehicle supply shops for a relatively low price.

2. Nets of the Ceiling

Instead of or in addition to using the roof, consider using the ceiling of your caravan for extra storage. This is especially useful if you are not that tall and have plenty of head space available in your caravan. To utilise the ceiling, consider nailing the corners of a net to your ceiling, and then filling the net with whatever you need to store.

If you are feeling crafty and want a sturdier option, you can build a frame out of PVC pipe and stretch canvas over the frame. To suspend it, you can use hooks and ropes from the ceiling or bicycle hooks in the walls of the caravan. Again, if you don't have these items around the house, they are widely available at hardware or crafting stores.

This type of solution can also work to hold outdoor gear. When you are driving your caravan to the campsite, you don't need the head space. Then, when you park, you can take down the ceiling storage, unload it and put all the stuff outside. Then, you can replace the storage device, but since it's empty, you can pull it up flush with the ceiling so you don't lose any head room.

3. Old Hanging Shoe Sorters

Old hanging shoe sorters are the ideal thing for making all kinds of storage devices in your caravan. You can hang these sorters over bathroom or bedroom doors, and use them to hold anything from toiletries to socks to actual shoes. Alternatively, you can cut the shoe sorter to size and then hang it on the back of a captain's chair, over a cabinet door, on the wall or in a range of other places in your caravan. To suspend it, you can use small tacks or you can sew on a bit of cotton to use as a hanger.

For more storage tips or to see the pre-existing storage available in various caravans for sale, contact a caravan sales rep, such as those found at Arrow Caravans